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In Cancer condition, till Metastasis, we are providing RAY of Hope through our Quality range of products.

We aim at being recognised among the good emerging companies in state by following compliance, Teamwork, Integrity and product excellence throughout our career and growth Development.

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Product Category

Anti Infective

Anti-infective are medicines that work to prevent or treat infections which include antibacterial, antivirals, antifungal and anti-parasitic medications. Anti-infective have revolutionized healthcare and are now critical in curing and even helping to prevent many kinds of infections, but many anti-infective are losing their effectiveness due to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). We at Camray Life sciences planning to launch anti infective therapy with wide range of medicines that fight against different kinds of infections

Anti Oxidant

Antioxidants are used as vitamin supplements in the pharmaceutical industry and help in preserving food products. They play a major role in helping your body perform its functions perfectly. The human body makes use of antioxidants to limit or avoid the damage caused by free radicals or else these free radicals can greatly harm our body cells. Moreover, antioxidants are used to treat vitamin deficiencies due to poor diet, pregnancy, or certain medical conditions.We at Camray Life sciences planned to create an array of innovative products in this segment.


Nutraceuticals are underlying common factors involving all health conditions in today's life. The benefits of good nutraceuticals are multiple: besides helping to regain the loss of nutrition due to sickness, they are essential for the body systems to function optimally for a lifetime. During and after sick sickness nowadays, the required nutrition by the body is not fulfilled. Seriously ill patients and those going through major surgery may require more advanced treatment for disease-related malnutrition. We at Camray Life sciences devoted in providing better healthcare for the people via superior range of products.


India is amongst those countries which have the highest rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) globally. As per WHO, cardiovascular diseases contribute to 26% of deaths in India. The burden of this disease is growing at a morbidly high rate. We at Camray Life sciences devoted in providing better healthcare for the people via superior range of products. We help patients by reinforcing our resolve towards providing a better life for them. Our aim is to be a significant player in the cardiovascular TA by providing solutions for better management in this segment.